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About Us

RBFG has been in business since 1923, with it's first location in Catonsville, MD. We have since added locations spanning from Maryland to New Jersey, and currently there are eighteen flower shops in total. The company is a fourth generation family owned and operated business with an emphasis on floral education. RBFG has mastered design on every level from plants, silks, funerals, weddings and everyday designs. We have designers as far advanced as AIFD(American Institute of Floral Designers) and Floriology Graduates who are teaching and encouraging fellow coworkers.

A lovely lady named Christine Hook will be instructing these classes.  She has been in the flower business for twenty years.  She has mastered design as merely one of her skills in the flower business.  She has worked for RBFG for eighteen years.  She has held every position in the company from Sales, processing, General Manager, all the way to Chief Operations Officer.  She recently stepped away from her everyday position of Chief Operations Officer into Senior Business Consultant to allow her the opportunity to grow her family.  She is known throughout the country by florists for her passion in design and flower shop etiquette.  Her patience and creativity have led her to be the perfect person for teaching.